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You help us with the delivery of our products and we make sure that you get paid on time and in a

performance-oriented manner. To be able to work independently, that your salary will be continued to be paid in the
event of illness, entitlement to paid annual leave and don´t have any overlaps with your main working time.

Jobs & Products

You want to earn money all the time? We have the right thing for you!

From 13 years of age

 You are „the bringer“ and hand out our weekly newspaper every Wednesday in your town. In this way, you can supplement your pocket money and fulfill your wishes with your students job.

From 18 years of age

As a newspaper messenger, you make sure that our subscribers have their newspaper in their mailbox punctually and reliably by six o´clock. Use the early morning hours for a parttime or part-time job six days a week as a newspaper deliverer.


„My smartphone is financed by my first student job.“

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You are interested?

Get in touch with SPL Südwest Presse Logistik GmbH in Ulm for a job as a weekly mail deliverer.


Apply now directly online!

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Job & Kids? No problem!

„As a mailman i can post a contributionto family income and have plentyof time for my Children.

Flexible use, also in representation.“
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Two birds with one stone!

„My dog Bruno has to walk extensively every morning.
That´s what we can associate with delivering the newspaper.
So we both benefit from it:
He can take a walk and I can afford more.“

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A rolling stone gathers no moss!

The fresh air and the exercise in the morning is good for me. This way I can stay fit and healthy and increase my pension.

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The number for your extra income: 0800/ 4401550

The easiest way to reach us is by phone. In a personal conversation we will answer all open questions. If you want to start directly with us, just use the contact form below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Phone: 0800/ 4401550